Not able to put in a new post this week, so I thought you all would enjoy one from the archives.


Daedalus Press

It was quite the evening yesterday. My wife and I spent the majority of it cleaning/gutting/reorganizing the garage. “Why?” you may ask yourself. Uh… “Cuz we’re dumb” would be the knee-jerk answer, but in this case, we were looking for…something…a while back and couldn’t find it. We knew it was in the garage, specifically in one of the boxes or tubs and so we spent–

Really? Do you care? You just want to know about the Parrot Walk and Spider Assassin. It is what drew you here in the first place, right? It’s all about clever title, you know. Marketing. Grab their attention. “Flash Before Cash” was the motto of a successful coffee house I used to work in years back. That place was awesome. It was–

Holy crap, I’m doing it again.

Coffee has no effect on me. Nope. None at all.

So. Where was I?

Right. The garage.

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