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He Who Laughs Last by Dave Sokolowski

He Who Laughs Last

HWLLI’ve known about Kickstarter for a while now: a website created to promote independent projects such as film, books, software, and games. With the rise of websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, the word “crowdfunding” was created. The premise of Crowdfunding is to get a group of people to pledge money to a project they would like to see completed. Each project has a certain amount of days to be funded and. if that time it does not get fully funded, then those people that pledged money get it all back and the project goes back to the drawing board. It’s a pretty cool premise and one that I fully support.

That being said, I would like to talk about one project in particular. Dave Sokolowski’s “He Who Laughs Last” is a role-playing game supplement set in H.P. Lovecraft’s world of horror and madness, also referred to as, “Call of Cthulhu”. The idea behind Call Of Cthulhu is that a group of people get together, each role-playing an “investigator” and act out their role through a constructed story line. Think of it as an improv troupe on an old radio drama. One other person in the group is the storyteller, a combination writer/director, who guides the group through the story. It’s alot of fun spending an evening solving riddles and uncovering terrible secrets, all the while trying to not go insane.

So much fun.

“He Who Laughs Last” is published under Dave’s Weird 8, the first of his self-published projects. His story has received high praise from within the role-playing world. He currently has two videos on the project’s Kickstarter page, both of which paint a great picture of Dave’s personal history in the genre along with an overview of He Who Laughs Last.

I highly recommend supporting this project and pledging any amount would be fantastic. I would love to see Dave’s first project be a successful one.


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