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Almost the answer


While I’ve always been a fan of 42, the idea of 41 freaks me out. And why the isolated fear of a prime number?

It’ll be my age not before long. While I will only have to endure the title for 365 days, it signifies more than just a number. Not only does 41 signify the beginning of my 4th decade spinning around the sun, it shows me where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m headed.

I’ve spent many years dwelling on the past, a poor past time for certain. It does nothing for me but focus on what I coulda’/shoulda’/woulda’ done differently, and that isn’t productive at all. That is not to say I shouldn’t learn from my mistakes (which I have yet to master), but I fixate on my poor choices and do nothing but stagnate in my own quagmire.

What I need to do is see what today holds for me. I could complain about the state of things, but all that does is look to the negative and that just lands me back into the quagmire. So, I must make a choice and look to that which is good and whole around me. And I have much to be thankful for: an amazing family both immediate and extended, a wonderful network of friends and colleagues (yes, I’m talking about you), and the promise that today brings. Throughout the day, celebrate all your victories, no matter how small. Even if I write one word in my book, I call it a win. Spending precious moments watching my children discover the world is a win. Sitting on the sofa with my wife, cuddling and watching a movie together, is a win. Even ruining dinner is a celebration of what not to do next time (or what to never try to cook again). And then, at days end, I look back on that day and celebrate my victories: helping make (and devour) a great homemade meal, watching the underdogs win, finding patience while my toddler throws an epic-sized tantrum, seeing the warm morning smile of my other kiddo, and every other moment where I grew and became a better version of myself.

Live your life today. Once the day’s over, you’ll never get it back, so live it well.

So that’s what I do now. Even if it’s a tiny win, it’s still a win. I’ve written far more than one word today, along with a hundred other wins today. Today was a good day. It was a great day.

I look forward to tomorrow so I can live for today.


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